Your Sleeping Position Reveals More Than You Know

Everybody needs to sleep; it is the body’s way of recharging itself even though the level of tolerance of some people is higher compared to others. Many scientists have suggested that the way that we sleep actually reflects our personality and in some cases how stressed we may be.

The position of sleep varies from one person to another and even from night to night depending on what is going on in our lives. However, you as an individual has that one position or style which you sleep in most of the time. Amazingly, how you sleep can tell lot about you as a person;

  • The fetal position – like an unborn baby, you seek to be protected and you will never be found in the middle of a confrontation. The vast majority of the people across the UK sleep with their knees tucked in and in a fetal position. Your undesired to confront situations causes you to avoid even your own issues if they seem big. You are however an artistic person and express yourself better through painting and dance.
  • Stomach touching bed position – this position means that you are a natural leader. You are in control of your life and like everything to be in order all the time. While you are personally successful, the welfare of other people concerns you.
  • Alert position – sleeping like a soldier on alert apparently means that you are an all-rounded individual who is a friend to everyone. Everyone has goals but those who sleep in this position make sure that they achieve whatever they have set out to do simply because they do not like to be failures.
  • Sleeping on the back position – this position indicates an individual who is generally positive regarding life. You are a strong character if this is your style of sleeping and do indecisiveness, however, makes you not shy away from hard work.
  • One leg raised position – ever seen how a heron stands? This is the sleeping position and can be either on the tummy or on the side. It indicates an individual who is always ready for adventure. Your indecisiveness, however makes you rather unpredictable.
  • Side with knees sticking out position – if you sleep this way, it means you are reliable, calm and do not get offended easily.

The problems with each one of these sleeping positions is that they also generally require their own unique pillow. Different types of sleepers will definitely change their position based off of the type of pillow that they're going to be using. It's important to pick out a pillow and potentially test it before buying it. This can be a real problem in the store however. The way you use your pillow during sleep should guide you on which one to buy. Unfortunately, most stores do not give you a chance to try out the comfort with pillows, until now!

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