Facts about public pillows and why you need Genie Travel Bag


Infographic about public pillows and why you need Genie travel bag

Genie travel bag for your Genie comfort pillow

In this article we'll go through few facts why you should travel with your own pillow. You can use your Brand new Genie KIT which comes with Outlast Cover and Geni travel Bag

Travelling is gradually becoming an important part of our lives. To whatever occupation we belong, it is either we travel frequently or occasionally. Some people these days have even taken traveling as a hobby, with the aim to explore more of the beautiful things of the world. According to the 2016 statistics by the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering on the traveling habits of young people, it has been established that out of the total international travelers of 2015, 23% were between the ages of 15-29.

One of the greatest weaknesses of many air travelers is the fact that they could not sleep on planes. The majority of them usually come out of the airplane looking disheveled. Should you be like me, then you will understand the feeling of anxiety that washes over you when you know that nothing else stands between you and an amazing trip but hours of head banging against the window shade, red-eye suffering, a bumpy, unyielding armrest digging into your hips, legs becoming numb as you seek to contort yourself in the one miraculous spot that will bring about sleep.

Your Brand New Genie Latex Pillow

Of course, you cannot change the sometimes uncomfortable seats and the small “useless” neck pillows, yet you will surely want your traveling whether as a hobby or professional to be comfortable and relaxing. So that when you are set to visit those amazing places or attend those meetings, you are as fresh and energetic as possible. With the progress in every field of life, we have countless travel accessories to choose from if we want to make our journey comfortable or even safe. Out of all these accessories, the one that is a basic necessity is the one that ensures one is very relaxed during flights or other travels by having proper sleep. And that is a neck support pillow.

Did you know that on average, you use your pillows for over 2,500 hours a year? Yes, you read it right. That is over 100-days non-stop. Pillows are much more than just an item to put your head at night to have a good sleep. It is something that is very important in the life of everyone. We all want to be as comfortable as possible while sleeping, but using the wrong type of pillow can mean that you do not sleep as soundly as you should. Waking up from a deep sleep to get a more comfortable sleep can result in you waking up in the morning not feeling refreshed. Does it sound familiar? By bringing your own best pillow along with you on your journey, you can improve your sleep even in the most chaotic air travel.

Your neck support pillow as a companion

When you visit a place where you have to share beddings with strangers and the people who arrange for the facilities are not trained in hospitality, then there may be a sanitation problem. And the risk of allergies due to dust mites and detergent used in cleaning cheap pillows and other beddings cannot be ignored.

neck support pillow for sleeping without neck pain

You lie down to sleep, but something does not just feel right. After a few minutes of turning and tossing and fluffing the duvet, you realize what the problem is: you miss your own pillow. Thinking about individual’s pillow is not something most people consider before taking trips. As people make a deal and embark on vacation or business trips, there is every possibility they end up sleeping in a hotel. Today, it really does not matter anymore if you will stay on a cheap - low cost or ultra-expensive hotel. As long as you get the perfect pillow or bed sheets, every other thing is a minor.

Hotel pillow

Regrettably, that is always not the case. With hotel bedbug plagues making the news, it is important for people who travel often for business or pleasure to take extra caution. The notion that bedbugs only stay in bed is a myth. If you are sensitive, you may have trouble finding sleep using an offensive or foreign pillow. You need not wait until you are ready to go to sleep to find that the hotel's duvets is not just right for you. Since you have to rent accommodation on your travel and may not stand the pillows, why don’t you just bring along your own pillow? You can't just ask Where can I get the best price for new one and buy it. 

Facts why you should bring your pillow with you while traveling

Genie travel bag


For some of us, there are important reasons why it is necessary to travel with our own pillow. There could be health issues. If one is suffering from orthopedic problems and has a cushion for better sleep support, it is sometimes better just to bring it along. Sometimes, a familiar pillow offers the comfort of home one does not usually find in a hotel. Especially for individuals who might have anxieties about leaving home. If you fail to sleep, you “lose”. That is why your own pillow is, without a doubt, the smartest item you will put into your suitcase, carry-on bag, or the back of the car when traveling for a long period. Even an overnight spent embracing an offensive pillow can mess with your sleep and make you sluggish and crabby. Although you cannot bring your own mattress, you can still choose best offer and bring your pillow for optimum comfort.

All sums together, below are a few reasons why you should bring along your own latex pillow when traveling:

Support and Comfort:

best sleeping position for your neck

Even though most hotels are now taking their services to loftier heights with amazing latex pillows delivered upon request, the majority of the pillows are lumpy, flat or densely packed with a feather and foam combo that can make you wake up with a sore neck. If you are the type that sleeps with more than one cushion, adding your own to the one provided can make a huge difference. If not, toss them away and have sweeter dreams with your own pillow. However, do not fail to remove it whenever you are set to leave. Otherwise, count it as a gift to the hotel and economical solution for them as well.


What you can find in old cushion

The majority of the hotel pillows in hotels are not free of those allergens that feed on your hair and dead skin. Hotels are Luxury place for them. And they can contribute to skin rashes, asthma, and other allergy reactions. People with luxury down pillows are usually not sealed with dust mite-proof protectors. Rather than bring along your bedroom pillow, it makes a very good sense to be good to yourself by purchasing a hypoallergenic Genie pillow and bring it along, just as you would bring your dental floss and moisturizers. Where to find Genie Pillow online? Check our online store and see best deals with free shipping options.

Harsh Laundry Chemicals:

To Aggressive Laundry Chemicals

Except you have checked into a hotel that believes in total cleanliness, you would need to hold your nose as foul product exposure may be on your itinerary. Disinfectants, bleaches and other cleaning agents used in hotels and other hospitality spots can reek of harsh chemicals or unhealthy sweet perfumes.

Sleeping On The Go:

Always toss your pillow in the back of the car on road trips to enhance those short naps or longer siestas when it comes. They really make riding in the car more cushioned and at times, it feels good to prop one on your lap. Pillows are likewise ideal for long flights. Since those soft small square pillows provided by the airlines are as inviting as a night in the hospital. Just watch out for the looks on the attendants to light up when they see you pull out your own pillow. They will nod, confirming it that you are an experienced traveler with a head for both pleasure and business.

And if you have decided to bring your pillow with you, this is what you get to enjoy;

Genie travel bag for your Genie comfort pillow

  • Better sleep: sleeping on your own pillow when you are far from home is the closest you can get to sleeping in your own bed. We have all had experiences where you are unable to sleep because you are not in your bed. Well, bringing a pillow you are used to helps you to get comfortable on a bed faster.
  • Peace of mind: Sharing bedding is risky because not all accommodation managers know the importance of disinfecting and replacement between customers. If you bring your own pillow and throw, you are sure that none of the shared bedding gets into contact with you, hence better sleep.
  • Fresh air: A pillow is the most intimate of all bedding items and this is because it is in direct contact with the face and you are likely to inhale or get the cover in your mouth as you sleep. Carry your own pillow to keep away infections that could arise out of this contact.
  • Less homesickness: With even the familiar smell of home or your own laundry detergent with your pillow, you can enjoy a little piece of home that you can carry with you even on a very long journey. Having your own pillow for your trip can be extremely comforting.

Safety after trip

If you are concerned about bugs and other allergies when you travel, you may want to consider leaving the comforts at home where they are safe. Whatever you bring home from your trip including your hypoallergenic pillow, coats, and clothing should not be taken directly to your room on your return. They should be taken directly to a safe place after your trip and make sure everything is sanitized. Those items that can be washed should be bagged in a plastic and taken to your laundry room immediately. With pillows that cannot be washed, you may wish to consider placing them in a plastic and leave them in a sunny location for a few days. Bedbugs are known not to survive in extreme temperatures. After a few days, clean as you normally would. It never hurts to be cautious, especially with the risk of home infestation.


All you need is Genie KIT

If you have to travel whether as a hobby or professional, you surely want it to be comfortable and relaxing. And it is always good to remember that you need a versatile, comfortable and light-in-weight pillow. I know it is huge carrying a pillow while traveling, but you should have at least your own outlast cover. The Genie pillow is designed to be simple and user-friendly. It includes a soft fabric cover that self-seals after the final roll, and a solid vinyl zippered carry-on tube to transport your Genie Pillow wherever you go. The carry-on tube is specifically designed to be sufficient for a loose roll to cater to arthritic or weaker wrists or hands. You could as well roll your Genie Pillow as firmly as you desire and have extra space in the carry-on tube for anything else you may desire to carry.

A great sleep is always essential and can be enhanced with the right type of pillow. For extra comfort, try one of Genie pillows. They have got a wide range of pillows to truly make your sleep a blissful one. You can find the perfect one that suits your specific needs here.

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