If NASA is using it…

Outlast was originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts in space from massive temperature fluctuations. This is the same textile that has gone into spacesuits over several generations. It doesn't affect the comfort of fabrics but can proactively keep textiles at the right temperature even when external temperatures are uncomfortable.

Since many people feel as though they get overheated in the middle of the night when they are using their pillow. When the body is exposed to temperatures beyond the normal, the body’s regulatory system automatically switches on to establish a balance. You may not have realized it yet, but the pillow you use could cause your body to work extra hard during sleep when it is supposed to be resting.

By integrating outlast technology into our pillow design we are able to make sure that you can stay cool at night even if it's extremely hot or even if the room you're in is extremely cold. The temperature on the pillow will not be dramatically affected by the external temperature or even your own body heat.

Outlast will help you find the optimal temperature in your sheets and in pillow design. It can can enhance the quality of textiles and offer proactive heat management. This means that if you regularly experience overheating from your pillow, the use of NASA technology from outlast in your pillow design can really help to manage that.

Outlast Cover is removable making it easy to maintain hygiene because it can be cleaned as frequently as needed depending on location used. Using outlast ensures comfortable and safe sleep regardless of the sleeping style.

Sleep is as important as work or school because it is the only chance the body has to replenish its energy reserves. You don’t have to suffer sleepless nights to realize you need a high-quality pillow. An outlast contour pillow!